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Stella supports you in finding answers to important business questions...
  • How can you reduce costs to improve your bottom line?
  • How can you reduce customer wait time and increase customer satisfaction?
  • What are the implications of changing a corporate-wide policy?
  • Which business strategy will lead to the best outcomes for your firm?
  • How can you reduce volatility in your supply chain and deal with changing business cycles?
  • Which marketing strategy will lead to a successful launch of your new product? enabling experiments with key decision points in your business

With Stella/iThink’s intuitive icon-based modeling, models are built quickly, shared with others to improve understanding, and simulated over time to examine the impacts of several interventions and scenarios. Stella/iThink helps you identify key leverage points for improving business performance while avoiding undesirable outcomes.


Stella facilitates dialog within and beyond governmental stakeholders...

Government departments and agencies continually address issues that arise in a multitude of areas, including health care delivery, public policies, defense strategies, urban planning, natural resource management, and energy consumption. These issues often expand beyond the boundaries of a single department and require collaboration between several different departments and agencies on both federal and local levels.

...and enables you to develop effective policies

Stella/iThink offers the ability to create holistic system diagrams that can be simulated over time. This systemic view allows you to examine the system and its behaviors to determine where changes are beneficial and avoid decisions that cause a negative impact. With Stella/iThink, you can easily create shared insight and communicate ideas that enables interdepartmental teams to understand all the variables that affect the system. Enhanced understanding helps ensure that decisions are fully implemented.


Stella prepares students for a more complex and interconnected world...

Stella/iThink is used to help teach topics such as math, biology, anatomy, economics, ecology, climate change, and chemistry. It teaches students to think systemically, to gain a more profound understanding, and to make better decisions. With Stella, students can map and simulate systems. Working collaboratively or independently on projects, hands-on exploration and learning is made possible with risk-free experiments through the use of knobs, switches, sliders, buttons, and other input devices to change variables and run scenarios. Results can be viewed instantly in tables and graphs.

...and is fun and easy to use by students of various subjects and levels!

Stella/iThink is used in hundreds of universities and k-12 schools to help students understand how things change over time. Visual representations of complex systems, animation and storytelling for communicating ideas works for a wide spectrum of learning styles.


Stella enables you to pursue your research questions effectively...

Stella/iThink is used for research both in natural and social sciences. Domains that can be studied are as diverse as microbiology, hydrology, pharmacokinetics, health care, energy supply, housing markets, violent conflict, and social networks. Current challenges in these fields demand sophisticated analyses of cause and effect relationships. Increased complexity and the fast pace of change in today’s research problems makes static observations at only one point in time an inadequate level of analysis. Stella enables researchers to conduct integrated and interdisciplinary assessments of changes over time in a multitude of causal relationships. Hidden interactions in complex systems can be revealed and research designs can be refined accordingly.

...and to reach greater audiences with your insights!

Stella helps to present your research to audiences both within and beyond the academic sector by supporting clear visual communication of results. With a graphical interface, scientific insights can be structured in an engaging way to the public as well as to sponsors and partners in business, not-for profit and government. System structure can be presented in small steps to the audience so that they can follow the line of complex arguments.


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