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Guns at School: A Systems Thinking Perspective
By Barry Richmond

Guns at School: A Systems Thinking Perspective introduces readers to Systems Thinking and dynamic modeling tools through consideration of gun violence in schools.

Brief discussions of the issues surrounding school gun violence and key Systems Thinking concepts are followed by step-by-step model building and hypothesis testing using STELLA Systems Thinking software.

Guns at School shows how visual models help us understand a problem and find solutions that have the best chance of success. The book is accompanied by a CD that includes the STELLA model and allows for hands-on experimentation. Readers can follow the examples presented in the book and test their own theories about best possible solutions. 

Accompanying CD includes STELLA model and runs on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

System Requirements
For Windows:
Microsoft Windows™ XP/Vista/7
128 MB RAM
70 MB disk space
  For Macintosh:
Mac OS 10.2.8 - 10.6.8
128 MB RAM
70 MB disk space

Guns at School: A Systems Thinking Perspective by Barry Richmond
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About the Author

Guns at School: A Systems Thinking Perspective was written in 2001 by Barry Richmond, founder of isee systems. It was one of the first in the Stories of the Month series in which Barry applied Systems Thinking to a variety of social, environmental, and economic problems. Barry was passionate about the power of Systems Thinking to stimulate discussion, foster shared understanding and drive to the best possible solutions. Stories of the Month, and Guns at School, gave him a vehicle for sharing that passion.

isee systems recently updated Guns at School with assistance from Steve Peterson, principal at Lexidyne, LLC and Karim Chichakly, Director of Product Development at isee systems and a Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher at Kimball Union Academy . Steve worked with Barry Richmond at isee systems for 10 years and is now helping clients apply Systems Thinking to learn about problems and test solutions. Through Lexidyne, LLC, he partners with isee systems to provide training for STELLA and iThink. Since 1991, Karim has directed the design and development of STELLA and iThink software used in education, research and business worldwide to create environments that allow people to learn by doing.


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