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XMILE: XML Model Interchange Language


XMILE represents system dynamics models using XML. It defines both the core system dynamics language needed to accurately simulate models and the encoding of that language in XML. The OASIS standards organization has created a technical committee to ratify XMILE as a standard model format. Visit for more information on the standardization process, or to join the technical committee. Current institutional members include Forio, IBM, isee systems, MITRE, System Dynamics Society, US Departmemt of Defense, and Ventana Systems.

isee systems is committed to the XMILE standard, both by participating on the XMILE technical committee and by supporting the standard in all of our software products.

Additional Resources

XMILE Xchange — The XMILE Xchange is an on-line repository, community, and marketplace for XMILE models. At this stage, users can only post free models and model components to the Xchange.

Webinar Series — The XMILE technical committee is sponsoring a series of webinars titled Big Data, System Dynamics, and XMILE that provide a number of clear examples of the benefits of using system dynamics in areas as diverse as business, health case, public policy, and the environment. Please visit for more information. Videos of past webinars are also available on the committee’s YouTube channel.

Blog Posts — There are two helpful blog posts on the XMILE standard:

Draft Specifications

Adobe PDF File SMILE Specification
Adobe PDF File XMILE Specification
Zip File Sample Model Files

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