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Case Studies for Policy and Business
Learn from real-world examples how iThink can be used to improve your business. Check out our library of business case studies:
Increasing Profitability with Better Product Development Processes  
   Dan Denlinger, founder of DED Systems and Master Coach for Six Sigma, uses iThink to design processes for improving product development, performing better testing faster, launching products effectively and on-time, and increasing profitability.
A Virtual Economics System Teaches Students about the Real Economy: Distance Learning with iThink  
   Distance learning technology enables David Wheat to teach macroeconomics to undergraduate students in Virginia while he's in Bergen, Norway teaching system dynamics to graduate students. He delivers instruction via MacroLab, a system dynamics model of the US economy that he created using iThink.
Reducing Health Care Costs in the UK: Modeling savings through alcohol consumption reduction  
   In the UK, understanding which health care interventions are most economically efficient is central to determining how central government funding will be locally allocated. The Symmetric Partnership created an iThink model that local commissioners will use to reduce costs resulting from alcohol-related hospital visits.
Playing to Learn: Bioteams Design uses iThink to create games that teach important business  
   When Simon Brocket, Group Human Resources Director of Twinings, wanted his staff to learn more deeply about their business in order to maximize their organizational value, they could have read papers or attended presentations. Instead, they played a game created with iThink.
From the Boardroom to the Classroom: Modeling Sales Forecasts to Create Profitable Strategies  
   Business success in the durable good market depends on understanding the dynamics of product adoption, replacement and repair in order to position operations for the most profitable revenue streams. Warren Farr of Refrigeration Sales Corporation uses an iThink model to guide both his business and MBA students in the creation of profitable strategies for durable goods companies.
Case Study: Equipment Company Restores Financial Stability with Help from iThink  
   Perplexed by its own decline in revenue, Rent-a-Dozer turned to Lexidyne, LLC, a consultancy that provides insight into the dynamic processes that drive system behavior, and iThink Systems Thinking software to determine the systemic cause of revenue erosion, test remedies, and return the company to profitability.
iThink Adds Value to Business Intelligence  
   Impact Dynamics helps clients get value from their Business Intelligence systems by creating iThink models that capture the key issues and identify the data relevant to making decisions, implementing change, and measuring performance.
Advance Management Group and iThink Significantly Improve Care for Dialysis Patients  
   An iThink model that generates treatment protocols for dialysis patients has enabled the Mayo Clinic to significantly increase the percentage of patients with hemoglobin levels in the target range. The results have saved Mayo more than $1M per year and vastly improved the quality of life for patients.
iThink and Simulation Associates Help Health Care Executives Test Business Strategies  
   For the past 15 years, Bruce Gresh of Simulation Associates has been working with senior health care executives and physicians to model and evaluate their organizational strategies, an exercise that has been made even more challenging by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010.
Using iThink to Create, Refine, and Validate Business Plans  
   Imagine you run a boutique consulting firm and want to build it into a larger business. Increasing profits and expanding the firm requires billing more hours. There are two ways to increase billable hours: sell larger projects that take more time to complete or sell larger project teams. How do you determine which strategy will be most effective? Learn how Oliver Grasl at transentis consulting used iThink to test both growth strategies.
How Many Doctors Does the Netherlands Need? Ask iThink  
   In the Netherlands, higher education, including medical education, is public and subsidized by the government. With only 8 medical schools in the country, the Dutch government carefully restricts the number of medical students enrolled in each of 36 specialty areas. So how do they know how many doctors the country will need? Learn how iThink helped solve an estimation problem and gain insight to the medical education system.
Dow Chemical Uses iThink to Find Supply Chain Improvements  
   Charged to help global business innovate and improve the supply chain, Martin Fernandes, Supply Chain Technology Consultant at Dow Chemical, uses iThink models to help discover supply chain improvements and address issues faced in Six Sigma recruitment, business strategy, accounts receivable and payable, and health and safety.
Pharma Company Turns to Cognitus and iThink to Plan a High-Value Future  
   When Jurgen Schmidt became Strategy Planning Director of VetCo, a $2 billion per annum veterinary pharmaceutical company, he quickly assessed its current operations and the research and development efforts that would fuel its future.
iThink Model Helps DPS Telecom Double its Annual Revenue  
   The management team at DPS Telecom had a name for their revenue pattern - The Blue Crush. Erratic monthly sales resulted in a revenue flow that resembled a tidal wave. Read how iThink helped the team see the bigger picture.
The Whole Systems Partnership Models Long-term Care Efficacy  
   Many organizations turn to Systems Thinking to explore problems within a system. Leicestershire County in the UK turned to Systems Thinking to explore the systematic reasons for their success.
Minimizing Risk with Systems Thinking  
   Egbert Roos, Principal of Buroos, routinely applies Systems Thinking in client engagements. Learn how the City of Amsterdam's youth care programs and a small jewelry design business have benefitted from iThink and the surprising insights it revealed.
Business Process Reengineering  
   This case study shows how iThink can be used for process reengineering in a hospital facing rising costs and declining quality of care.
Continuous Improvement  
   This case study of a large high-tech company shows how iThink can be used to identify major cost savings.
Financial Analysis  
   The iThink software allows you to represent your business visually and perform financial analyses in a way that spreadsheets can’t. This article illustrates the benefits of the iThink approach through a case study of a real estate development project posed with the question “Should we build now?”
   Some seek to forecast the future. Others create it. See how an international pharmaceutical company could use iThink to determine revenue growth for a new drug.
Human Resource Planning  
   Human resources are critical to any organization. However, key HR issues involve intangibles like culture, motivation, and burnout and are therefore difficult to represent. See how the iThink software can be used to represent both tangibles and intangibles for a Silicon Valley company facing the cultural implications of rapid growth.
   This case study of a Fortune 50 High-Tech Manufacturer illustrates how iThink can be used to represent the basic flow that stretches from raw materials through finished products.
Organizational Development  
   This case study of a major computer maker shows how iThink can be used for Organizational Development. See how building cross-functional teams can reduce cycle time.
Strategic Planning  
   This case study of a large industrial products distributor shows how iThink can be used to explore the strategic options for achieving a firm’s growth goals.
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