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LabP: Predicting Weight Loss
by Tarek K.A. Hamid

Developed by the author of Thinking in Circles About Obesity, LabP: Predicting Weight Loss offers a holistic, interactive, Systems Thinking laboratory in which to explore the outcomes of weight management plans.

On their own or guided by a health professional, individuals interested in losing weight use personal data to experiment with weight management options and effectively predict outcomes.


Educators and students see how Systems Thinking models and simulations facilitate understanding of their own complex system—the human body. LabP clearly demonstrates the "circular" relationships between energy inputs and outputs and allows interactive experimentation to explore options and hypotheses for deeper insight.

LabP: Predicting Weight Loss
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A New "Tailored" Approach to Weight Loss Prediction

The majority of weight loss calculators are crude "one-size-fits-all" predictors. Based on a highly generalized energy balance equation, those calculators fail to consider individual differences in physiological processes. In contrast, LabP:

  • captures personal body composition, dietary, and physical activity metrics.
  • accounts for physiological processes (like the human body’s involuntary defense against caloric deprivation) to enhance accuracy.
  • allows users to view the body’s path (not just end result) as it changes and adapts to new diet and exercise routines.
  • encourages experimentation and comparison between weight loss regimens.
By running experiments in LabP, you can more accurately predict:
  • how much weight will be lost.
  • how weight loss may taper off over time.
  • the composition (fat mass versus fat free mass) of lost tissue.
  • how weight loss may differ from person to person when the same diet is applied.
  • how weight loss may differ when dieting versus exercising even when the same energy deficit is applied or induced.

Example LabP Output

Mi Weight: Personal Weight Management Tools

Managing weight loss requires understanding the human energy/weight regulation system and predicting its behavior. In addition to LabP, Mi Weight Personal Weight Management Tools includes LabU: Understanding Weight Management, a free web-based simulation that can help you better understand how the human energy-regulation system works, why it works that way, and how to better manage it.

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LabP System Requirements
For Windows:
233 MHz Pentium
Microsoft Windows™ 2000/XP/Vista/7
128 MB RAM
13 MB disk space
QuickTime 7.6.5 or earlier
  For Macintosh:
120 MHz PowerPC or any Intel-based Mac
Mac OS 10.2.8 - 10.6.8
128 MB RAM
13 MB disk space
QuickTime 7.6.4 or earlier

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