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What's New in v2.0.1

Web-based Simulation Sharing

isee NetSim is an add-on wizard that allows you to quickly publish STELLA and iThink models to the web. Publishing models to the web makes it easy to share your models with anyone, even if they don't own STELLA or iThink.

Your students, colleagues, and clients can run simulations, experiment with different scenarios and understand models through the storytelling sequence and model interface you create in STELLA or iThink.

"isee Netsim dramatically expands our ability to share models and communicate with the world how complex dynamic things work."
—Mark Heffernan, Dynamic Operations
Sample Models
Anyone with a web browser can interact with and run models published with isee NetSim. Click on an image below to launch one of our sample models. Explore the models and simulate different experiments. Discover the possibilties for creating your own learning laboratories or online games.
predator-prey screencap
Click to link to Predator-Prey Dynamics model pop
arrow Explore more online simulations at the XMILE Xchange
Flexible Publishing Options

Publishing a model to the web with isee NetSim is a simple 3-step process. The wizard-based interface guides you through options for publishing your model to Forio Simulate web hosting service or any other server running the isee NetSim Server software. Automatic account creation and login connects you directly to the host server.

netsim wizard

Key Features

  • 3-step wizard-based publishing
  • Ability to interact with and run models on the web in real-time or Flight Simulator mode
  • Input objects include knobs, sliders, switches, buttons, list input devices, and graphical input devices.
  • Output objects include graphs, tables, numeric displays, and status indicators
  • Storytelling with graphics, movies and text annotations
  • Multimedia coaching triggers through "message posting"
  • Export buttons allow users to export simulation data
  • Simulation sharing via email and social networking web sites
  • Support for embedding simulations on any blog or web page
  • Support for Forio Simulate web hosting service with free and premium hosting plans available
  • Automatic account set-up and creation
  • Quick link to view or delete published models
  • Preview option to view models privately prior to publishing
  • Option to collect simulation run data using a custom web service program
  • Support for HTTP Authentication
System Requirements
For authoring and publishing a model:
  • iThink or STELLA 9.1 or higher
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Web browser with Adobe Flash Player
For viewing and running a published model:
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Web browser with Adobe Flash Player

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