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Stella Modeler
STELLA Modeler for iPad STELLA Modeler for iPad

Quickly build, simulate and share system dynamics models

New V1.0.6 Release!
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Create models that visualize and build understanding of how complex systems work and things change over time. Based on Systems Thinking and the language of stocks and flows, models created with STELLA® Modeler serve as practice fields to simulate “what-if” scenarios and discover the “why” behind outcomes.
Use STELLA Modeler to:
  • Build models that simulate your business or other processes.
  • Communicate the interdependencies of a system.
  • Experiment with different scenarios and view results in a graph.
  • Run STELLA and iThink® models (version 10 or greater) created with the desktop version on your iPad.
  • Share models via email with anyone who has STELLA Modeler, STELLA or iThink desktop software (version 10 or greater).

Visualize how systems work

  • Quickly create Stock and Flow diagrams that provide insight into business processes.
  • Build multi-level, hierarchical model structure using modules.
  • Map out the overall causal relationships of a system.
Population Model

Simulate and explore results

  • Zoom in on model structure to view dynamic behavior.
  • Interact with graphs and results using the iPad's unique touch interface.
  • Run models created in STELLA or iThink v10.
  • STELLA LiveTM - Dial up or down to dynamically view the effect on simulation results.
Explore Results

Easily define model equations

  • Create equations by selecting and dragging inputs and components.
  • Specify equation units and validate unit consistency.
  • Use built-in functions to represent common mathematical, statistical and logical operations.
Equation Editor

Create graphical functions

  • Easily define relationships between variables in an intuitive and visual manner.
  • Quickly specify behavior using common presets.
  • View relationships in tabular and graphical forms.
Graphical Function

Share and communicate models

  • Share models via email or iTunes.
  • Animation aids in communication of model behavior.
  • Models are saved in the industry standard XMILE format.



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