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What's New in Version 10?

What's New in v10.1.1

Version 10 makes it even easier to build, share, and learn from STELLA and iThink models.

Key New Features


Side-docked panels allow you to define and edit properties for model entities while still viewing the diagram. Drag-and-drop entities from the diagram into equations to use as variables. Undock the panel to create a floating window that you can resize and place anywhere on your screen.

Multi-dimensional arrays

Expanded array capabilities provide more flexibility defining array equations, creating arrayed graphical functions, and entering constants across an array. Create up to ten dimensions for arrayed entities. Index dimension elements by number or label. Use the new Array Editor to easily import or paste element labels from a spreadsheet or comma/tab-separated list.

Equation panel with auto-complete functionality

Data Manager

The new Data Manager allows you to archive and recall simulation results. Name and save run data from different scenarios or sensitivity tests to easily identify and reload results. Simulation data is stored in a separate SQLite database file and accessible using standard database tools.

Embedded Modules

Hierarchical modules are now embedded in a single model file by default. For collaborative model building and creation of reusable templates, use the option to automatically save modules as separate files.

Statistical built-in functions

COMBINATIONS, FACTORIAL, INVNORM and PERMUTATIONS have been added to the list of statistical built-in functions. New stochastic distributions include BETA, BINOMIAL, GEOMETRIC, GAMMA, LOGISTIC, PARETO, TRIANGULAR, and WEIBULL.

Rich text documentation

Source information and other details about model variables can be documented in rich text/HTML format using options available in the new Documentation panel.

Improved conveyor leakage

Conveyors now support multiple leakage flows. Use additional leak zone options to simplify main chain structures that contain cohorts with varying leakage fractions.

Multiple Conveyor Leakage Flows
Conveyors can have multiple leakage flows with varying leak zones

Expanded Find functionality

Use the new Find palette to locate model entities using string search, hierarchical views, and filtering capabilities. Drag and drop variables from the palette directly into variable equations and input/output devices.

New graphical function options

Edit the input values (X-axis) of graphical functions to align with your data. Use the new continuous extrapolation option to linearly extrapolate values that are beyond the graphed curve.

Industry standard XMILE format

Model files support the new industry standard (XMILE) for common interchange of system dynamics models. Use any text or XML editor to search, edit or document your model.

Find Palette
String search variables in Find palette

More powerful modeling engine (STEAM)

The new STEAM engine does not place limits on the number of variables, data points and/or time steps. This new more powerful and flexible engine will provide a solid foundation for future development and expanded functionality of iThink and STELLA.


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