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iseeNET Framework

What's New in Version 2.0?

What's New in v2.0.1

isee.NET Framework Version 2.0 extends your ability to integrate iThink and STELLA models with other applications, databases and data analysis tools. This important upgrade includes support for a new simulation engine.

Take advantage of the following:

New more powerful simulation engine (STEAM) — The new STEAM engine will run models created in iThink or STELLA v10.0.1 or greater. This new more powerful and flexible engine provides support for the following additional features:

  • Multi-dimensional arrays
  • Queue and Oven stock types
  • All Conveyor features including inflow limits, capacity constraints, multiple leakage flows, exponential leakage and leak integers option.
  • All builtin functions available in iThink and STELLA 10.0.1 or greater
Note: Models created in earlier versions can still be used with the isee.NET Framework and will run using the old simulation engine.

Export Now button — Models used with the isee.NET Framework now support Export Now menu buttons.

Visual Studio.NET 2010 Sample Web Application– A new sample ASP.NET application that demonstrates how to use the Framework to display the results of a simulation run in a line chart on a web page is now included.

Divide by zero support — We've improved handling of unexpected inputs/outputs such as NaN and Infinity.

log4Net integration— Engine related information can now be logged if your application uses the log4Net framework.


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