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Stella Professional - v1
Stella Professional

Stella Professional

the next generation modeling experience starts now

Product Description

Stella Professional is an easy, interactive tool that enables you to create a system diagram that can be simulated, for systems such as health care delivery, energy cycle, ecosystems, business systems, and transportation. Stella Professional gives you an efficient way to explore and build on your ideas, generate insight, share understanding, and examine the results of your initiatives. A risk-free way to experiment with your system while viewing it holistically, Stella Professional allows you to discover hidden aspects and behaviors/outcomes you did not expect. With Stella Professional’s intuitive, user-friendly interface, you will get further faster in developing system models that help you make better decisions.

New Product Features

Live Analytics

Dynamically explore model behavior using Stella Live™. Change any constants in the model by dialing them up or down and immediately see the results for all objects displayed directly on the diagram

Explore Results

The Results Explorer allows you to easily analyze the results of each individual entity. New capabilities include graphing of selected variables from selected runs, allowing the inclusion of comparative and non-comparative results in a single graph or table

Identify Errors

The Equation Error and Unit Error Lists allow you to quickly identify errors in your model. An expanded list will show you the error and bring you directly to the problem to allow you to fix it

Model in Style

Gain complete control over all color, font styles, and title alignment

Keep Clean with Bezier Connectors

Keep your models clean and organized with all new Bezier Connectors. Avoid overlapping lines and crossing over other objects by simply going around them

Object Guides

Easily align objects with the new Object Guides

Professional New Look

The same software you know and love has a new coat of paint.

New Engine Under the Hood

Stella Professional has been rebuilt from the ground up to ensure a seamless modeling experience. Enjoy increased speed, sleek animations, smooth performance and a responsive design

Customize Your Workspace

Put your tools where YOU need them with all new Panel Docking. All toolbars can easily be dragged and placed along any of the four sides of your workspace to best fit your needs

Cycle Time

Time stamp and track material as it flows through the model in order to precisely compute how long different tasks and activities are taking

Delay Converters

Mark a Converter as changing over time in response to changes in its input as happens with SMTH1, SMTH3, DELAY, DELAY3 and related Builtins

New Random Number Generator

Increased robust streams of values for the different random number Builtins. The new generator is appropriate for use with high replication Monte-Carlo

New Builtins

CTFLOW, CTMEAN, CTMIN provides more robust streams of values for the different random number Builtins. CTSTDDEV, CYCLETIME, THROUGHPUT as well as UNIFORM for random number generation and GAMMALN for statistical computations

Comparative Graphs and Tables

Whatever runs are held by the data manager will immediately be displayed in comparatives when you specify the variable

New File Structure

Keep your model files organized. Module files are stored in a folder prefixed with the model name so that you can save a separate copy of a model using modules in file, without changing the original model

Other Key Features

Graphical Interface

Intuitive icon-based graphical interface simplifies model building


Stock and Flow diagrams support the common language of Systems Thinking and provide insight into how systems work

Enhanced Stock Types

Discrete and continuous processes with support for queues, ovens, and enhanced conveyors


Built-in functions facilitate mathematical, statistical, and logical operations


Modules support multi-level, hierarchical model structures that can serve as “building blocks” for model construction

XMILE Compatible

XML-based model files support the new industry standard for common interchange of system dynamics models

Data Manager

Data Manager archives and recalls simulation run data stored in a separate SQLite database file


Sensitivity analysis reveals key leverage points and optimal conditions


Partial model simulations focus analysis on specific sectors or modules of the model

Map View

Simply focus on building the layout and engineering the design of your model without being distracted by equations or errors

Output Devices

Highlight outcomes with text, graphs, tables, and reports

Export for NetSim

Compatible with iThink/STELLA version 10.1 allowing you to design interfaces, publish and share your model over the web using isee NetSim add-on software



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