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An Introduction to Systems Thinking

By Barry Richmond

Latest edition: 2013 (updated for STELLA version 10)

An Introduction to Systems Thinking with STELLA describes the language of Systems Thinking and provides a guide to the model building process. You'll be introduced to the language of "stocks and flows" and key Systems Thinking concepts like operational thinking, feedback loops and main chain activities.

The accompanying CD includes generic infrastructure models that can serve as templates for models you construct yourself. Infrastructure templates include:

  • Overshoot and Collapse Structure
  • Slippery/Sticky Perceptions
  • Main Chain Infrastructure
  • Attribute Tracking Infrastructure
  • Relative Attractiveness Infrastructure

An Introduction to Systems Thinking
 Table of Contents

Introduction to Systems Thinking with STELLA Guide (Win/Mac) Electronic Version Only 
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Introduction to Systems Thinking with STELLA Guide (Win/Mac) Hard Copy and Electronic Version 
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About the Author

Barry Richmond was a Systems Thinking pioneer. He founded isee systems (formerly High Performance Systems) in 1984 and created STELLA and iThink software. Barry was devoted to helping others become better “Systems Citizens”. He believed the world would be a better place if we enabled people to think, learn, communicate, and act more systemically.

Dr. Richmond received a BA in psychology from Syracuse University, an MBA from Columbia University, an MS in operations research from Case Western Reserve University, and in 1979 a PhD in system dynamics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was a graduate student of Jay W. Forrester.


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